About the Polyphony Project

The mission of the Polyphony Project is to explore, preserve and present the living musical folklore of Ukrainian villages. In addition to recording the intangible cultural treasures of the Ukrainian peasantry using state-of-the-art technology, our priority is to make this heritage of unparalleled value accessible to contemporary society. Having accumulated over centuries, this legacy is finally available online in an organised form.

We hope that our website will attract everyone from music enthusiasts to academic researchers.

Online archive of musical folklore

Songs are catalogued on the website with detailed descriptions and can be listed by various criteria.

High-definition videos

Owing to the use of 4K technology, the videos are incredibly detailed; the carefully composed shots support the authenticity and uniformity of recording while serving as concise documents of the age.

Multitrack player

Each voice of the polyphonic songs is recorded with a discrete microphone, making it possible to separate the voices using a multitrack player and to listen to them in arbitrary combinations.


The place of origin of each song and the birthplace of each performer is tagged with geocodes on an online map using state-of-the-art geospatial technology.


For each song, we provide a transcript of its lyrics in the original language as well as a version transliterated into Latin script. The translation of the songs into Hungarian and English is currently under way.

Simple and fast search

Our website offers an efficient and fast search engine with diverse search criteria based on collection data as well as themes, main motifs and characters, context of performing that can be filtered in any combination.

Song variations

Songs are classified according to archetypes, making variants of a given song recorded at another location instantly accessible.

Collection sites

A continuously augmented overview map of our collecting activity. New sites are added after every collecting trip.